Like a Bank Account that keeps your physical money safe in the form of digital currency for easier transactions, opening a DEMAT Account acts as a safe for the shares/stocks that you’ve bought. Online DEMAT Account keeps your shares and stocks in a digital format, thus enabling you to keep track of the price movement.

Earlier, shares/stocks were kept in the form of physical receipts. This made it difficult for investors to keep hold of the receipts for a longer time. The advent of the DEMAT account thus made it easy for investors and traders to trade instantly and keep shares for as long as they desire. However, you need to have a trading account for the purpose of doing a sell transaction. Without a trading account you won’t be able to sell the shares that you’ve brought and kept in the DEMAT Account. Opening a Demat Account comes with lots of benefits such as there is no hassle to keep hold of the physical receipts, it saves time and makes it easy for investors and traders to learn and track their portfolio 24 by 7.